What is Shamanism?

//What is Shamanism?

What is Shamanism?

The word shamanism was coined by an anthropologist in order to describe a common method of spiritual work that has been identified amongst indigenous people the world over.

Shamans Synonyms:

  • Witch doctor
  • Medicine Man / woman
  • Priest / priestess
  • Folk herbalist: example someone known to ‘talk to the fairies’ (spirits)
  • Healer
  • Diviner
  • Sorceror

Shamans are people who have a relationship with the spirit world and commune with it in order to benefit others and their community.  Shamans are viewed by their community as having influence in the spirit world to be able to effect change in the lives of people.

Shamanism is a method of Spiritual ecology: reverence for and spiritual communication with the other beings of the earth and with the planet itself.

The Shamanic World View

Renowned anthropologist Mircea Eliade stated that, ‘Shamans are the last humans able to talk with the animals’. Michael Harner of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies adds, they are the last humans able to talk with all of nature, including plants, streams, the air and the rocks.

The native American Lakota people say, ‘we need to communicate intimately and lovingly with all our relations’. Your surroundings are not your environment they are your family.

Using shamanic practices, you come to realise that what most people describe as ‘reality’ only barely touches the grandeur, power and mystery of the universe. People undergo transformation as they experience the incredible safety and love of the hidden universe.

The Shamanic Journey / The ‘Soul Flight’

The distinguishing method that differentiates Shamanism from all other modalities of healing, meditation and spiritual practices is the Shamanic Journey. The Shamanic journey is a method whereby the person moves their attention out of their ‘ordinary reality’ and into what is known as ‘non-ordinary reality’ (NOR).  NOR is a place where there is no suffering, no disease, no murkiness, just pure and sacred space inhabited by transcended spirits of power and knowledge that are willing to help those who humbly petition their services for the good of mankind.

Shamanic Training Course

I teach the method in a 5 week one to one course. What clients need in order to approach the method is an open mind and a willing heart to show up, follow the instruction given and to do the work that is asked for the duration of the course. Like this you will have a deep experience and get the most benefit from your training.

Once you complete the course, you can essentially ask your spirit teachers in NOR to teach you what you need to learn next. You may want to learn from them for a period of time or maybe long term.

You have the option, if you choose, to partake in further workshops with Spirit Warrior.

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