Norah and Spirit Warrior has introduced me to some of the most astounding and comprehensive work I have ever experienced in shamanism or healing in over 20 years. The work done here has been profound and incredibly life changing for the positive. The guidance and information given has been spot on, allowed me great revelations and helped tremendously on my lifes journey. What you get from Norah and Spirit Warrior is the whole and all encompassing package from a very experienced and unique practitioner. I return time and again based on the solid and lasting results. Everything you need for a better future should you choose to meet the work. Whether in person or over a distance the work is by no means diminished! Highly recommended.

Norah has an immense passion for shamanic work. On top of this wonderful passion is a deep relationship with spirit that is authentic. Norah has a great skill of being able to sniff out the BS and provide an honest guide on the path of transformation. Norah embodies nature as a true source of power for shamanic work. She brings the spirit of her land to the work. She knows Ireland and Ireland knows her. Norah is a great person to be beside you as you explore the areas you need to.

Richard, London, Your Content Goes Here

Working with Norah is like an initiation in yourself and the ways of the old that we have lost. She has helped me unlock gifts and find meaning and deep healing during a very difficult time. She helped me find wholeness, and connected me with my ancestors, which has given me joy, purpose and a richly soul-led life.

AA, from London, UK
Hi Norah, I am reeling after all that! So great! I will carve out the time to discover what I am to learn!

Thank you so much!

JB, from Wales
I had the good fortune to have my path cross with Norah’s during a time when I was going through a major upheaval in my life. We agreed that the best way forward was for her to use her divination skills to see what came forth to help me walk through and beyond the challenges I was facing. The information she gave me was very precise and helped me to see my journey in a totally different light, which above all, helped steer me towards my unique soul path. I am truly grateful for the humility and care Norah took in carrying out the work most needed. She really has a true gift and strong relationship to her guides and shamanic practice that will greatly benefit all those who seek her out.

PM from Manchester, UK
‘Nora has worked with me a number of times & I am always struck by her astounding connection with spirit and her ability to create powerful healing. She is a real ‘medicine’ woman in all senses of the word.’
C.A from Glastonbury, UK
Dear Norah

Thank you very much for our healing sessions from the very start I felt I was in safe hands and happy to report more grounded, centred and have more clarity vis a vis the situation I find myself in. I feel you are a very gifted and intuitive healer. Thank you so much and I hope to see you in a few months’ time for another session. Until then I wish you well and many blessings.

SM from London, UK