Do you feel that you are doing all in your life that You Came to Do?


5 week beginners Shamanic Journey Training €300

The key benefits i received were many… It all happened gradually and I feel it is still happening, always moving. I suffered from insomnia and anxiety, now my sleep has improved and my thinking, my self talk is kinder more relaxed.

I have more vitality and I’m lucky to be experiencing an inner trust in myself that I haven’t felt in years.

The changes I experienced while attending the course were funny, weird and full of wisdom. You learn so much about yourself or as I experienced it, what you remember about yourself. It was very clear to me that a thick blanket of blinding wool was pulled across my eyes. It was wonderful to remove it and to feel the freedom of knowing what you always knew to be  true.

Life changing for the better!

Shamanic Training Course

5 week Foundation course taught one to one. Each appointment is approx 2 hours.

This course is the first step in shamanic training with Spirit Warrior. For those who cannot attend 5 weeks due to distance etc., there is an option of a full one day workshop. I do this one-to-one or with small numbers. It is not as intense as the 5 week process, but it will give a good introduction and it is up to you then to practice what you learned and let your own experience teach you further.

Venue Cost Days
5 week course, Gateway Wellness Suites, Killarney, Co. Kerry €300  Weekends
Castletownbere, Co. Cork. €200 (Flexible: day + evening appointments)
 1 Day Introduction Workshop. Beara, County Cork.  €150 (one to one)  Weekdays and weekends possible. please enquire.
1 Day Introduction Workshop. Beara, County Cork. €80 per person  Minimum 2 people.

What is Shamanism?

What is the Shamanic Journey?

The purpose of this training is to help you become proficient in the Shamanic Journey which forms the basis of all Shamanic work. You will be taught the steps in how to move your awareness into the parallel reality for the purposes of accessing compassionate guidance, teaching and wisdom for self-development and problem solving.

The Shamanic Journey offers you an opportunity to Initiate and Develop a relationship with Compassionate, Loving, Wise spirits in a safe, supported environment. This work changes peoples lives.

The purpose of the shamanic journey is to obtain answers to questions and to receive helpful and inspiring guidance. Anthropologists have traced the roots of shamanism to the upper paleolithic period which is the late stone age. Our ancestors would have engaged with these methods in order to track food, predict weather changes, and to obtain other advice that would contribute to their survival, health of the people and spiritual well-being. 

This is and has always been an ancient problem-solving method.

This is an internal process and involves dialogue between yourself and what you encounter in the safe sacred space of the Shamans territory. The role of the facilitator (myself) is to deliver the method.

Shamanic Journey training includes the act of journeying itself as well as analysing / interpreting the information that was received. Effort must be applied to both tasks to get maximum benefit from the process. This course works on both skills.

Shamanic Training Course 

This course in Shamanic Journeying is taught in a 5 week training course that is delivered one to one.

This training delivers the step by step method, practice and analysis of the classic Shamanic Journey.

Through your experiences in the shamanic journey, you will have the opportunity to discover (or enhance) your abilities to obtain extraordinary, practical and wise answers to important personal questions, overcome inhibitory fears, and to acquire self-confidence and wisdom. This is highly empowering. 

Sessions vary in length from 1 hour to 2 hours and there are tasks that need to be completed in between sessions.

counsellingWhat will you receive in this training?

  • Step-by-step instructions so that you become confident in navigating the Shaman’s Map.
  • Learn how to receive different perspectives via the Shamanic Journey on a particular issue / question you may have.
  • A method that you can use anytime in your life to get guidance without having to depend solely on external help. This is Self-Empowerment. 

Each week builds on the previous weeks work so a full commitment to the 5 sessions is necessary as well as an undertaking to do the tasks that are set for you in between sessions.

What is the Shamanic Journey?

The purpose of the shamanic journey is to obtain answers to questions and to receive helpful and inspiring guidance.

This classic method has been used by indigenous people the world over in order to gather information and to solve problems. 

In this case, this is an internal process and involves dialogue between yourself and what you encounter in the safe sacred space of the Shamans territory.


We use Drum, the Heartbeat of the land to access the Non-ordinary Reality (what the Irish called the Other World). The rhythmic drum beat allows the mind to relax and access these non-ordinary states. Scientifcally, the purpose of the drumbeat is to help the brain relax into a Theta brainwave pattern / the Shamanic State of Consciousness (SSC). It is a state whereby mental imagery may arise. This is the ideal mind condition to access the wisdom and power that is available through the Shamanic Journey.

Theta or SSC is associated with the reduction of stress, mental clarity and increased vitality. It is a good state to spend time in on a weekly basis in order to enhance mental and emotional well-being.

Who is this course for?

The majority of the population will benefit from this training. For those who may suffer with psychotic episodes or any mental illness that you may be taking medication for, then please call me directly to discuss. For those suffering with depression, anxiety, the method is suitable once the medication that you are on does not cause excessive drowsiness. The method demands that one can hold concentration for a period of up to 30 minutes.
Those who suffer with addictions or engage in substance use, it is recommended that you attempt to abstain from use of the substance for a period of 24 hours before and 24 hours after our session. However, if you are unable to commit to abstinence, please contact me and we will work around this as best we can in order for you to achieve the maximum benefits.
Price of Training

Each appointment lasts between 1-2 hours and the price is €50 per session

Note: Clients need to commit to the 5 sessions in order to fully learn and understand the method. This course demands all or nothing.

Enquiries: email  info@spiritwarrior.ie  or  phone  087 3381358


Confidentiality Agreement: Full confidentiality assured. what you say will remain between us. However, there are certain situations whereby this rule may not be possible:

  • in cases whereby it comes to my attention that children or other vulnerable members of society are in danger (or in situations of abuse) and this has not yet been reported.

Cancellation Policy:

You may cancel the appointment over 24 hours prior to the scheduled time. However, if you cancel on short notice or do not show up, I ask for a contribution to cover the losses that have been incurred (room rental, travel expense, time) which will be 50% of the total amount. 


Shamanic healing, and shamanic journeys are a complementary method. They are not a substitute for traditional medical treatment and advice or psychotherapy / counselling. However, it is a complimentary method that works well alongside modern medicine and can be of great assistance in developing a holistic approach to the healing of an illness / condition.

It is advised that if a client presents with a serious medical, mental or emotional condition it is important to see a GP / Doctor or health care professional.

As a shamanic practitioner, it is my intention to empower clients to heal their lives and discover their innate sacred gifts. Shamanism addresses the spiritual causes of an illness be it physical, emotional or mental. As I see things in the context of energy, I am not in a position to give a diagnosis from a western medical perspective (as I am not trained in that method).

It is not my intention to compete with the western medical system as in my view shamanism is complimentary and works well to support the client alongside a mainstream medical treatments. Hence, I do not diagnose conditions and I would never interfere with the treatment of a health care professional.