About Norah de Barra

Originally from the south of Ireland, I always had an interest in spirituality, healing and the evolution of consciousness. This led me on a journey that lasted  about 15 years whereby I explored a number of modalities. My primary spiritual modality is Shamanism. Saying that, I acknowledge that I have built my personal spiritual practice on a foundation of intensive meditation and inner questing. 

I founded Spirit Warrior with the intention of sharing the shamanic methods via courses and workshops. As well as to work with these ancient ways to bring healing and Gift of Power to those who make the request. 

The following is a list of my formal trainings and qualifications to date. 

A Varied and Intense Spiritual Quest

I began engaging in a Buddhist Meditation practice in 2002 at Wat Ram Poeng Monastery, Chang Mai, Thailand.  From that point onwards, meditation took a central role in my spiritual practice and I spent a number of years in India volunteering, practicing and learning about meditation within the Vipassana Meditation Organisation known as www.dhamma.org. I received many gifts from this practice and received a strong grounding in the art of internal enquiry, observation, being the Silent Witness and the challenges of equanimity. I have had the good fortune to attend long retreats in a Forest Monastry in Burma and for all of the above I am deeply grateful for.

I simultaneously worked a Yoga practice in order to support my body for long periods of sitting meditation. I completed a number of trainings in both India and in Ireland, with the aim of tending to both the body and the mind.

Around 2009/10, my spiritual quest evolved and I was randomly introduced to the practice of shamanism during a shamanic journey circle that I was invited to. I remember clearly (and I laugh at myself now) being completely speechless as I was formally introduced into the Non-ordinary Reality and the world of Spirit. I realised afterwards (and many clients say the same thing to me) I had always known those places but I just did not have the map and the method to go there with will and with purpose.

As I embarked on the ancient shamanic path, the ways of the ancestors of these lands, I trained with teachers in Wales, England and Ireland. And of course, I have the ongoing tutelage of my Spirit teachers. I am an eternal student of the mysteries, willing to share the methods.

It is my intention to empower those who request assisance from Spirit Warrior.


Norah on 087 3381358