The main benefit was healing! Lot’s of it. it was confronting and wonderful.

I work with all the techniques learned at the course.

The workshop has shown me how to incorporate all the aspects discussed into my life. It was a very hands on course with lot’s of self empowerment exercises and nature in abundance!

The healing benefits are still happening. And only when I look back at how things were, do I see how profound they are. A sense of calm and inner knowing  seem to be the most constant benefit.

It has been an honour.

EM, West Cork Workshop Participant


Shamanic Workshops 2017 – 18

Shamanic Workshops (can be attended individually) Schedule
Introduction to Shamanism *  (prerequisite to attend all other workshops)

The Three Cauldrons: Healing & Empowerment

Ancestral Healing

Shamanic Divination: The Art of Predicting Outcomes

Geopathic Stress: Creating Healthy Homes

Soul Retrieval: Healing Disassociation

Psychopomp: Conductor of Souls

Spirit Release

Shamanic Extraction Procedures