The main benefit was healing! Lot’s of it. it was confronting and wonderful.

I work with all the techniques learned at the course.

The workshop has shown me how to incorporate all the aspects discussed into my life. It was a very hands on course with lot’s of self empowerment exercises and nature in abundance!

The healing benefits are still happening. And only when I look back at how things were, do I see how profound they are. A sense of calm and inner knowing  seem to be the most constant benefit.

It has been an honour.

EM, West Cork Workshop Participant

Shamanic Workshops For Personal Development

Shamanic Workshops (can be attended individually) Schedule
Introduction: Shamanic Journeying *  (prerequisite to attend all other workshops)

Ancestral Healing

The Three Cauldrons: Healing & Empowerment

Shamanic Divination: The Art of Predicting Outcomes

Bright Goddess Dark Goddess

Geopathic Stress: Creating Healthy Homes

Soul Retrieval: Healing Disassociation / Fragmentation 

Psychopomp: Conductor of Souls

Spirit Release

Shamanic Extraction Procedures

Shamanic Counselling Training 2018

Professional Shamanic Counsellor 
Suitable for:
  • Those who have the intention to work with clients in private practice.
  • Possibly: Counsellors  / psychotherapists and those who work with other therapeutic modalities.
  • Those who are already trained in and practice the shamanic journey.
  • Those who wish to genuinely help others access the power and healing which the shamanic journey offers.
  • Those who have integrity, honesty and have engaged in personal development processes already within their life.
  • Those who have already spent time working on their wounds via counselling, psychotherapy and other modalities.

What is it?

This is where you become a practitioner that can professionally and properly teach and facilitate a client through the initiation of the shamanic journey.


Once qualified, you will be invited to become a member of the Spirit Warrior practitioner community.

​The teaching aspect of the course will take place over 4 full days.
Participants will then need to complete a number of case studies and a written exam in order to get their certificate.
Once the certificate is obtained they will be able to acquire therapists insurance. I work with Balens UK as an insurance provider.
Once you have passed the training, you can start seeing clients in private practice.
It is also possible that I may refer clients on to you.
​The cost of the course for full training of the methods, mentorship during case study period, the exam day and final certification is €550. Payment options available.
This excludes the equipment that you will need to obtain. A list of equipment will be given. The equipment cost should not exceed €100.
Venue: Beara, County Cork.

Shamanic Practitioner Training 2019

Suitable for those who have already been working with me either through Shamanic Healing appointments or Personal Development workshops.

I am currently designing this training. It will take the form of weekend workshops and case studies and most likely apprentice ship style service.

Service can include:

  • Helping at the Spirit Warrior wildlife habitats – Owls, Goats, Frogs, hedgehogs, sacred herbal beer brewing (noting that shamanism encompasses a nature based spirituality)
  • Helping with service in the wider community (assisting at workshops etc)
  • Research

Commencement date will be in 2019.

Applications will be accepted in 2018.

More details to follow.