• Steps in the Shamanic Healing Process

  • Step 1: Make contact via phone or email discussing your intention for the shamanic healing.

  • Step 2: Within approximately 48hours of me receiving your intention, I will send you an email with a proposed date for shamanic healing along with details of any preparation tasks that need to be done prior to that date.

  • Step 3: actual shamanic healing takes place. (up to 3 hours). You will receive tasks to be completed by yourself post healing in order to integrate the effect of the healing in your life.

Submit Intention for Healing

Shamanic Healing

All illnesses and issues have a spiritual cause as well as a physical manifestation. What you experience as an imbalance in your life or body, is the effect of a cause. Those who work with shamanic methods target the cause for healing and allow the positive effect to happen or manifest naturally. Hence, you may experience the benefits and changes that a shamanic healing brings over a period of days, weeks and months.

Shamanic Healing can help positively treat:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Continuous and repetitive destructive patterns that emerge in a persons life
  • Loss of power / disempowerment / Loss of ‘self’ due to some traumatic incident.
  • Chronic and persistent bad luck / Feeling like you are cursed
  • Ancestral patterns. For example, you can observe that a particular event happened to your grandparents, then it happened to your parents and now its happening to you.
  • Overshadowing / not feeling yourself
  • Soul loss (known as ‘disassociation’ in Freudian psychology) Symptoms of soul loss can include: Having a very defined pattern within your life. For example, you keep engaging with the same types of intimate relationships. The same story keeps playing out again and again no matter how much you try to make different choices. This is indicative that an original wound needs healing and something needs retrieving or rebalancing as a result of that core incident. Once that is done, the repeating pattern ceases to be necessary.
  • Addictive behaviour patterns
  • Chronic illness
  • Ongoing bereavement: a seeming inability to recover a full sense of self having experienced a loss.
  • Clients presenting with a psychiatric diagnosis such as Multiple Personality Disorder or Clinical depression are welcome to enquire about shamanic healing as part of their journey to recovery.

The intention of the client is what drives the shamanic healing. Your sincere wish for your life to improve / change for the better and your willingness to adjust behaviour patterns in order to support the integration of your healing is vital for you to get the best out of the Shamanic healing appointment.

A typical shamanic healing appointment may include a combination of any of the following methods:

  • Soul Retrieval: retrieving part of your life essence when you feel like you have lost a part of yourself.
  • Extraction of energetic blockages in the body
  • Retrieval of personal power
  • Healing of ancestral wounds / blockages
  • Help with altering negative / destructive behaviour patterns
  • The use of herbal medicine
  • Spirit release
  • Integration tasks to help you make the fix stick!

A shamanic healing appointment takes approx 2 hours. If there is further work to be done after this point I will suggest that you return at a later date.


Kerry:  Gateway Wellness Suites, The Reeks, Killarney.        Price:  €100

Cork:  Castletownbere, Beara.   Price:  €100

To Book Your Appointment:

Call  087 3381358 or email   info@spiritwarrior.ie 

Please include in your email, your intention for the healing and which venue you wish to attend.


Shamanic healing, and shamanic journeys are a complementary method. They are not a substitute for traditional medical treatment and advice or psychotherapy / counselling. However, it is a complementary method that works well alongside modern medicine and can be of great assistance in developing a holistic approach to the healing of an illness / condition.

It is advised that if a client presents with a serious medical, mental or emotional condition it is important to see a GP / Doctor or health care professional.

As a shamanic practitioner, it is my intention to empower clients to heal their lives and discover their innate sacred gifts. Shamanism addresses the spiritual causes of an illness be it physical, emotional or mental. As I see things in the context of energy, I am not in a position to give a diagnosis from a western medical perspective (as I am not trained in that method).

It is not my intention to compete with the western medical system as in my view shamanism is complementary and works well to support the client alongside a mainstream medical treatments. Hence, I do not diagnose conditions and I would never interfere with the treatment of a health care professional.