Online Shamanic Guidance

If you wish to gain insight around a particular issue you may submit a question and I will use shamanic methods to acquire information for you.

This is an ethical system designed to help a person get some spiritual advice around an issue they may be facing.

This service is about empowerment of the Truth Seeker.

I do not do fortune telling as such (with no disrespect to that profession), what I offer is guidance that is not based on predestination. Although I acknowledge that some events are mapped out on a persons soul journey, I see that people have free choice in many of the decisions or ‘paths’ they are presented with in life.

I work with proactive questions such as those in relation to:

  • career
  • home
  • relationship
  • family dynamics
  • Healing self
  • how to help another person
  • Seeking an outcome (empowered decision making…evaluating various outcomes)

Please note that I will give you the exact answers that I receive from the world of Spirit. This information is always given with love and respect however, its the truth of the situation as it is perceived by me using shamanic methods.

Once you submit your question, a report will be emailed through to you. Please allow up to 3 days.

Contribution: For one question / Issue €20

  • Shamanic Guidance Steps

  • Email to info@spiritwarrior.ie  your question or issue. You may write a paragraph giving a background to your issue if you wish.

  • Go to Shop and purchase the €20 Guidance option.

  • You will receive an email from me detailing the information that I received in relation to your issue.

  • If there is an aspect of the response that you do require further clarification on, please send through your clarification question.

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