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Introduction to Shamanism (One Day Workshop)

The purpose of this workshop is to help you gain a grounding in the Shamanic Journey which forms the basis of all Shamanic work. You will be taught the steps in how to move your awareness into the parallel reality for the purposes of accessing compassionate guidance, teaching and wisdom for self-development and problem solving. The Shamanic Journey offers you an opportunity to Initiate and Develop a relationship with Compassionate, Loving, Wise spirits in a safe, supported environment. This work changes peoples lives.

Learn about navigating within the Shamans Map.
Learn how to access spiritual power and guidance from within the Shamans Map.
Learn how to develop your instincts so that you access more information from your environment. Accessing deeper realities, extending your perception of reality.
You will leave with an understanding of this practice and how to utilise it in your everyday life to become more empowered and awaken abilities. You will have homework to do! The weekend will give you a grounding in the seeds of the practice.


Beara, County Cork.

Dublin City Centre 

Price: €80 per person

Note: I also teach this workshop on a one to one basis by appointment only at the Beara Venue for €150. Please contact me to discuss if you would prefer this option. 

Upcoming Workshop Dates: 

Beara, County Cork, October 2017

Dublin City Centre, October 2017,  January 2018