Hawthorn is a potent medicine in healing all affairs of the heart. The long sharp thorns of the tree provide a type of protection for the heart thereby allowing the heart to open and love unconditionally in a safe way. Hawthorn has long been associated with regulating heart function. It also increases sensitivity and develops a particular type of awareness.

Allowing your awareness to drop down into the heart, one begins to see in a particular way. Seeing from the heart centre allows you to receive a higher level of information about what you see.

The wild berries used in this essence have been harvested from a tree located adjacent to a well on the Beara Peninsula.

Preparation and  Dosage:

This is a stock essence so you can prepare a dosage bottle in order for your medicine to go further. Place 7 drops of this Hawthorn Berry stock essence into a 30ml dropper bottle. Then fill the dropper bottle with 1/3 of brandy and then 2/3 of Purified Water.

Some of our clients do take the Hawthorn Berry stock essence directly under the tongue, 3 or 4 drops in the morning and evening. This is how I like to take it although you may find it powerful in which case dilution is recommended.

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