Herbal Remedies

All essences are made from the wild plants of the Beara peninsula using the alcohol method.

You may be drawn to a particular medicine, intuitively knowing you need to engage with the medicine of that particular tree / plant at this time.

Or you may be unsure of what it is that you need. In which case, using the Shamanic Journey, Norah will divine which medicine is most appropriate for you as well as how best you can use it, if there is an affirmation you should say while ingesting, if there are actions you can take to further engage with the plants power etc.

It can vary widely for each person. The same medicine might treat an issue for one person and may treat a completely different issue for another person. It is completely individual.

essenceHawthorn Berry Stock Essence (Huathe)

Emotional & Spiritual Healing for the Heart

  • Strengthens the heart
  • Sexual Power
  • Unconditional love
  • Protection of heart
  • Increases psychic sensitivity
  • Increases personal emotional strength

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All 15ml Stock essence dropper bottles €10 + Postage €3 to anywhere in Ireland or UK.

GORSE FLOWER ESSENCE – Trust, Hope, Optimism

gorse flower

Gorse flower can help those who have lost trust in other people (perhaps due to incidences of abuse, neglect etc). Gorse helps reinstate a feeling of confidence in the world and trust that things do work out. It has helped me at times when I found it difficult to complete a task due to fear and lack of confidence.



Highly potent in ancestral healing. Making manifest on the physical reality the results of a shamanic healing on the ancestral plane. It helps the body to catch up with the healing, altering the bodies energy.





Guardianship, Protection, the Ancient Wisdom of the Cross

forest spirit warrior