Shamanic Divinationnorah

For those who have pressing questions, I use a divinatory oracle system as well as the shamanic journey to access helpful guidance from the world of Spirit to help the person move forward with  confidence.

This service is available by donation. Please contact me on 087 3381358 or email  info@spiritwarrior.ie


“I had the good fortune to have my path cross with Norah’s during a time when I was going through a major upheaval in my life. We agreed that the best way forward was for her to use her divination skills to see what came forth to help me walk through and beyond the challenges I was facing. The information she gave me was very precise and helped me to see my journey in a totally different light, which above all, helped steer me towards my unique soul path. I am truly grateful for the humility and care Norah took in carrying out the work most needed. She really has a true gift and strong relationship to her guides and shamanic practice that will greatly benefit all those who seek her out.”

from AN, UK